Blade MultiMedia

Transfering Ideas, Emotion, and Information through Interactive Experiences.

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Blade Multimedia is a "Full Service" Rich media production studio located in the great state of New Hampshire.

IMPORTANT NEWS: As of March 30th 2020 Blade Multimedia will be scaling back its operations and will no longer be accepting new clients or projects. We will continue to provide hosting services to our current clientele and will occasionally consider smaller freelance projects on a personal case by case basis.

Blade Multimedia was founded August 23rd of 2001 Since that time Blade Multimedia has provided quality multimedia productions to individuals, small business, and corporate clients alike.

Blade Multimedia offers a full spectrum of professional and consumer multimedia production services ranging from web and graphics design, to digital audio production and application development.

With a proven track record of web, graphics, application, audio, and visual design, you can be sure your clients will view you, your products, and/or your company as a serious contender.

Blade Multimedia is committed to placing you a cut above the rest.


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